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General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

The following conditions apply for the rental of apartments, bungalows / holiday homes and hotel rooms of Weissenhäuser Strand GmbH & Co. KG

  1. The rental contract becomes binding upon written confirmation of the reservation by the landlord. Information communicated either verbally or over the phone only represents non-binding information. The written confirmation of the reservation is crucial for the content of the contract.

  2. The rental price as well as the additional expenses result from the respective price lists and include the statutory value added tax.

  3. The rental object is rented containing the items listed in the inventory list as well as a one-time supply of linens. During the rental period, any damage caused to the rental object must be paid for by the renter without proof or burden at cost. The renter is also liable for damage caused by persons travelling with the renter.

  4. Orders for objects on loan are non-binding. There is no entitlement to them.

  5. Within 14 days after the reservation confirmation has been made, a prepayment of 25% of the rental fee is due; the remaining amount must be paid to the landlord's account no later than 20 days prior to arrival. If the rental period begins less than 20 days after reservation, then the total amount is due immediately. If the prepayment is not received on time, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation.

  6. If the contract is cancelled up to 42 days prior to the beginning of the rental period, a processing fee of €20 will be charged; if the contract is cancelled up to 10 days prior to the beginning of the rental period, then 25% of the total amount must be paid, thereafter 50% of the total contract amount. For a no-show or a premature departure, the renter does not have any right to reimbursement of the unused rental days. The renter must expressly document that the landlord did not suffer any financial damage due to the renter's no-show or cancellation, or that the damage is less than the cancellation fee or the amount of the retained rent.

  7. On the day of arrival, the renter can enter the apartment or bungalow no earlier than 5 p.m.; hotel rooms are available from 3 p.m. On the day of departure, the apartment and bungalow must be vacated by 10 a.m.; guests must leave the ****Strandhotel by 11 a.m. and to return the key back to the reception desk. The reservation will be held open until 1 p.m. on the day following the beginning of the rental period. Thereafter, the booking obligation is cancelled.

  8. Pets are not allowed; there are exceptions for some of the apartment types.

  9. The renter is obligated to adhere to the rules and regulations (rules of the house, parking rules, pool rules, etc.) of the landlord's respective facilities. Through the use of the facilities, the renter recognises the posted rules of the respective facility. In cases of gross negligent use of the rental object such as subleasing, overcrowding, disturbing the peace, etc. as well as in cases of non-payment, the contract can be terminated without notice.

  10. The landlord is not liable for the loss or damage to any of the renter's personal belongings, incl. his or her car.

  11. The guest carries sole responsibility for cash and valuables that are left in the accommodations; the guests cannot claim any liability towards the landlord that is related to the loss, damage or destruction of valuables in the accommodations.

  12. Verbal ancillary agreements have not been made at the point this contract was signed.

  13. Disturbances caused by the military training area in Putlos are possible.

  14. Information subject to change. We accept no liability for possible errors. Subsequent changes are subject to exceptions. If a new price list is printed, the old price list loses its validity.

  15. The holiday resort park as well as the Strandhotel are non-smoking facilities. You may smoke in the designated smoking areas.

  16. In high-traffic periods or during holiday periods, Weissenhäuser Strand GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to limit the duration of the daily visit to the Subtropische Badeparadies (for hotel guests) to 3 hours.

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