Subtropisches Badeparadies
Adventure pool at the Baltic Sea

Subtropisches Badeparadies is now bigger and better! A special new highlight is the wave pool, which holds 470,000 litres of water. Pack up your swimming gear now and head off into the waves! Whether you are young or old, everyone will have a great time. While soaking in the wonderful ambience, you can experience a lot and relax at the same time.

Our highlights

Slides in Subtropisches Badeparadies at the baltic sea


Immerse yourself in the exciting adventure of Northern Germany's most popular water slide world in Subtropisches Badeparadies!

An abundance of thrills awaits your on our 214-metre long tyre slide, the 156-metre long effect slide, the 70-metre long turbo slide and the 3-zone wave slide.

Experience a world full of adrenaline and fun and discover the ultimate adventure park by the Baltic Sea in Schleswig-Holstein!

Wave pool in Subtropisches Badeparadies at the baltic sea

Wave pool

The wave pool in Subtropisches Badeparadies with its impressive 470,000 litres of water guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Fun for the whole family: thanks to state-of-the-art technology the waves are always in motion.

In summer, they take a 15-minute breather every hour. This is a welcome opportunity for little water rats to relax.

Enjoy unforgettable moments at any time of year.

Water World at the baltic sea

Water World

The Water World is a huge water playground covering more than 400 square metres.

There is plenty to discover along the various paths and corridors on three floors including fountains, water cannons and conveyor systems.

Three adventure slides ensure additional fun, while a 1,600-litre bucket of water pours over visitors every few minutes from a height of more than 10 metres.

Sure there will not be a dry eye and happy faces of the little visitors are guaranteed.

Children’s pool in subtropisches Badeparadies

Children’s pool

Look forward to warm toddler pools with a variety of fountains that encourage the little ones to explore.

In addition, floating water vehicles made of soft foam await them in the children's pool next to the Water World, which will inspire the imagination of the little adventurers and provide even more fun in the water.

Immerse yourself and enjoy an unforgettable time with your family in the adventure park by the Baltic Sea.

Rainforest shower at the baltic sea

Rainforest shower

Feel the warm rain gently falling on your skin.

Our Subtropisches Badeparadies invites you to enjoy the refreshing feeling of the rainforest shower after an exciting sliding adventure and to be pampered from head to toe.

The water park in Schleswig-Holstein invites you to linger and enjoy your holiday. Unforgettable adventures and moments full of fun await you and your family!

Steam bath: Family holiday by the Baltic Sea

Steam bath and non-nude sauna

Experience the ultimate feeling of well-being and go directly from the warm water to the even warmer area with sauna (60°C) and steam bath - all in your swimsuit.

This area is particularly "bathing-friendly” and requires the wearing of swimwear.

Treat yourself to this additional relaxation and enjoy your holiday by the Baltic Sea.

Our textile-free sauna is located in the dune pool of the ****Strandhotel.

Important notes

  • Aqua Racer, red tyre slide: children up to 6 years of age may only slide together with an adult.
  • Wave slide: children up to 6 years of age may only slide together with an adult.
  • Blue effect slide: children up to 8 years of age may only slide together with an adult.
  • Children's slides: only for children aged 6 to 12 years
  • Yellow turbo slide: only for guests from the age of 12

  1. Upon entering the premises, each visitor accepts these house and bathing rules.
  2. All admission tickets lose their validity once the guest has left the premises.
  3. The valid prices are displayed separately. The rates for additional time or supplemental charges are also shown.
  4. An admission ticket does not include participation in a free additional programme or event. It also does not guarantee the use of a chair or lounger. Access is only granted during the posted business hours; all unlawful entry into the facility will be prosecuted.
  5. Unauthorized persons are prohibited from entering the technical, cash desk, staff member, and supervisory rooms.
  6. Due to safety reasons, some areas of the Subtropisches Badeparadies are subject to video surveillance. The recordings will only be checked in suspicious cases. The recordings are provided to ensure the security and protection of the guests’ property, as well as the property of the Subtropisches Badeparadies. During high-frequency periods or during school holidays, Weissenhäuser Strand GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to limit the daily admission (for hotel guests) in the Subtropisches Badeparadies  to 3 hours.
  7. Furthermore, the facility management can fully or partially limit access to the Subtropisches Badeparadies at any time (e.g., due to operational issues, renovation work or audits). For this reason, claims against the operator or the reduction of the paid admission fee are excluded. If parts of the premises are inaccessible due to filming, events or courses, then guests do not have the right to receive a refund or a reimbursement of the admission price.
  8. Guests must electronically close their locker themselves. They must also ensure that the locker is locked and must keep their electronic wrist bands in a safe place. Loss of the wrist band will lead to an €100 fine for adults an €10 for children. Again, parents are responsible for their children.
  9. We shall assume no liability and provide no compensation for items lost or misplaced in public rooms or wardrobe lockers.
  10. Guests are not permitted to bring their own food to the premises. Food and drinks are only permitted in the restaurant/snack bar area. Alcoholic beverages are limited to three per guest.
  11. Glass or glass-like containers are not permitted in the swimming areas. The containers/glasses provided at the restaurant or snack bar must be left there.
  12. Smoking is prohibited throughout the Subtropisches Badeparadies. This includes e-cigarettes.
  13. Guests are not permitted to bring or use musical instruments, audio devices or televisions.
  14. Guests must refrain from all activity that counteracts good behaviour and the maintaining of safety, peace and order.
  15. Taking pictures or filming using a cell phone or camera is only permitted with the express consent of the person being filmed. Taking pictures or filming is forbidden in the sauna area. The guest consents that pictures taken within the scope of a marketing campaign of Weissenhäuser Strand GmbH & Co KG will be saved and may be used for online or offline advertising purposes. This declaration of consent can be revoked in writing.
  16. Bags and suitcases that can be rolled are not permitted in wet areas.
  17. Children under the age of 10 may only enter the Aqua Park when accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Children will not be monitored by the employees of the Aqua Park; parents or guardians must actively monitor their children and not leave them unattended.
  18. Persons with infectious skin rashes, open wounds or infectious diseases as well as unclean or conspicuously under the influence of alcohol are not admitted or may be expelled from the facility without reimbursement.
  19. Every guest that uses the facilities is obligated to take a shower before entering the swimming area. Soaps or other body lotions and creams must not be used outside of the shower area.
  20. Only proper bathing attire is permitted inside the Aqua Park; t-shirts or pants longer than knee length, jeans, etc. are not permitted. Burkinis must be made of stretch-free swimsuit material. We are not liable for damage caused to bathing suits or clothing made of synthetic materials, which may be damaged when sliding.
  21. Every guest must be aware of the increased risk of accidents in indoor pools or swimming areas caused by wet floor surfaces. Therefore, special caution is required in all guest areas and non-slip bathing shoes should always be worn outside the pools.
  22. Jumping or pushing others into the water from the edge of the pool endangers guests and is therefore not permitted.
  23. Hard throwing objects (tennis balls, leather balls, Frisbees, etc.) and flippers are dangerous and must therefore not be used. In addition, air mattresses and inflatable water toys are also prohibited.
  24. Climbing on the rock faces and running in the swimming area are not permitted.
  25. Non-swimmers must stay in the wave pool located in the non-swimmer area. For small children, non-swimmers and unsafe swimmers it is compulsory to carry a safely secured swimming aid in the water area and in the area around the pool. Swimming aids include water wings, life vests, Schloris arm rings, and an abdominal belt. This serves the safety of your children.
  26. The slides may only be used by persons who are physically able to meet the requirements.
  27. Proper attire is required when using the sauna located near the wave pool and steam bath. The sauna may only be used with a large towel that serves as a seat cushion.
  28. There are not enough loungers for every guest. Reserving loungers or chairs by placing a towel, handbag or other objects on them is not permitted. If any such object is used for this purpose, these may be removed at the discretion of a staff member or upon request by other guests.
  29. The use of all equipment as well as the sporting equipment is done so at one’s own risk.
  30. Please always return lost-and-found items to the staff members on duty.
  31. If used by schools, clubs or other organisations, the teacher or group leader must assume full supervision. He or she is responsible for the compliance with the house and bathing rules.
  32. Visitors who repeatedly or seriously contravene the provisions of the house and bathing rules can be expelled from the swimming facility.
  33. If a guest is expelled from the facility, no refund is given.
  34. The posted information and the instructions provided by the personnel must be followed.

Requests, suggestions and complaints are received by the supervisory staff or the management. For some special events, a deviation from the house and bathing rules may be permitted.

Last update: June, 2024

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