Become a member and get great gifts

The HopsClub is the exclusive club open to all Weissenhäuser Strand fans ages under the age of 17. The more often you stay with us, the better the rewards.

  • Your personal membership card

  • A matching card case with ribbon

  • Your own stamp booklet

  • Sunglasses or voucher for waffles

  • The limited edition "Hops and Hasi" comic book

HopsClub registration form


HopsClub registration form
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Conditions of participation

  • Please bring your membership card with you on every holiday at Weissenhäuser Strand. You can collect stamps in your stamp booklet.
  • The more often you stay at Weissenhäuser Strand, the better and more exciting rewards you can get! (For example, for 2-7 nights you will receive one stamp; for 8 nights and more you will receive two stamps.)
  • If you lose your membership card, you can get a new one for a €5 fee. If you lose your stamp booklet, you will receive a new one, but the stamps from your previous stays at Weissenhäuser Strand will not be transferred.

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