Abenteuer Dschungelland
Adventure world

Strange landscapes, tropical climate and exotic animals – doesn't that sound like a holiday at Weissenhäuser Strand? If you said yes – then look forward to an exciting adventure at our Jungle Adventure Land!

Across an area of more than 6,000 m², adventurers and pathfinders of all ages will experience unforgettable moments in the green jungle. Caymans, snakes, lizards, turtles and many other exotic jungle inhabitants are waiting for courageous explorers to discover them.

However, the secret stars of our adventure kingdom are most certainly the oriental small-clawed otters. The funny, exuberant little animals are always happy to greet new guests. Their tireless playing keeps the entire jungle on its toes.

But that's definitely not all!

Our newest attraction at Jungle Adventure Land offers lots of fun for the whole family: Europe's largest ball pool! Dive directly into the "sea" consisting of 300,000 colourful balls!

Explore the forbidden temple with its labyrinths, burial chamber and an interactive pirate cinema. Or visit the "El Dorado" and pan for gold, thereby likely succumbing to a glistening gold rush.

Aside from its exotic animal and adventure world, Jungle Adventure Land also offers another absolute must-see highlight: our unique rope garden! Both beginner and advanced climbers will be challenged by our amazing course. The rope garden has 16 different courses to test your strength and ability. Various degrees of difficulty enable children and adults to test themselves and each other – a climbing adventure for children of all ages!

Experience leisure time fun for the whole family in a unique jungle and adventure kingdom.


Europe's largest ball pool in northern Germany

Europe's largest ball pool

Look forward to great fun with your whole family in Abenteuer Dschungelland!

Europe's largest ball pool with a slide is one of the most popular attractions in the holiday park.

Come along and dive into the sea of 300,000 colourful balls!

Enjoy the thrill of the slide and experience unforgettable moments full of adventure and laughter.

High ropes course at the baltic sea

High ropes course

The huge indoor jungle high ropes course provides a challenge for every adventurer.

Various levels of difficulty make it possible for children and adults to measure their abilities. Real courage and sporting ambition are required here.

Note: Climbing is only permitted with sturdy footwear or sports shoes. From 9 years, minimum height 1.10 m.

Vacation with children on the baltic sea

Forbidden temple

Intrude into the secrets of the forbidden temple world! Located deep within the jungle, you will find mysterious rooms and adventurous pathways.

Collect all of your courage and dare to enter the forbidden temple!

Mirror Labyrinth: Adventure World on the baltic sea

Mirror Labyrinth

Endless corridors and optical illusions await you in the mirror labyrinth, putting your senses to the test.

Trick the mirrors, find your way through the labyrinth and uncover the hidden treasures waiting for you at the heart of the adventure world .

Are you ready to take on this captivating challenge and outwit your senses? Your adventure begins now.

Burial chamber on the baltic sea

Burial chamber

In the heart of the jungle city, deep in the forbidden temple, you will come across the burial chamber.

Take courage, dare to enter! True adventurers know no fear. The burial chamber reveals relics in the dim light. A chill shivers through the air but the spirit of adventure drives you on.

Ready to unravel the mysteries and discover the hidden treasures that have long been waiting to be found by a true explorer.

Discover a fascinating variety of creatures

Animal kingdom

Discover a fascinating variety of creatures such as caimans, snakes, lizards, monitor lizards, turtles, frogs and insects in the lifelike terrariums, which are embedded in a huge rock cave.

Learn something about the exotic habitats and the habits of these both diurnal and nocturnal creatures.

Explore the hidden facets of nature and immerse yourself in a world full of secrets and fascinating discoveries.

Soccer Goal in Abenteuer Dschungelland

2014 World Cup Goal

"The unforgettable goal" was voted "Goal of the decade" by 26.64 per cent in a poll conducted by the ARD-Sportschau sports programme.

Walk down the players‘ tunnel; the German national team's path to the 2014 World Cup final lies in front of you.

Experience the path taken by the German national team on their way to the final match in the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro and recreate the shot at the original 2014 World Cup goal.

Maze Mission: the interactive lasergame

Maze Mission

In Abenteuer Dschungelland by the Baltic Sea, little agents are about to embark on an exciting game called Maze Mission.

The agents have to prove their skills and speed in a course.

Maze Mission promises an interactive adventure full of fun and thrills for curious explorers of all ages.

Who will successfully complete the course without being hit by the laser beams?

Family vacation on the baltic sea

Balu City

Experience an unforgettable holiday with your children in Abenteuer Dschungelland!

In Balu City, they can play and romp around to their heart's content.

Ball cannons and more than 100 play options ensure that boredom is a thing of the past and invite children to explore and let off steam.

Look forward to shared adventures and lasting memories!


Climbing Wall in Abenteuer Dschungelland

Climbing wall

Climbing walls of varying degrees of difficulty are a magnet for active adventurers of all ages.

Well-secured, you can climb the rock faces and put your skill, courage and stamina to the test.

Experience the fascinating world of climbing on our varied climbing walls, which inspire both children and adults.

Note: Climbing is only permitted with sturdy footwear or sports shoes.

Discover even more

Celebrate the next children's birthday party in Abenteuer Dschungelland: Immerse yourself in a world full of excitement and adventure while your little explorers discover Europe's largest ball pool and the forbidden temple. In between, you can regain your strength in the Hapa Hapa bistro or eat next door in the Dschungelrestaurant and fill the day with unforgettable moments. If you need an overview of the many possibilities in Abenteuer Dschungelland you can access the location plan here:

Bistro: Hapa Hapa at Abenteuer Dschungelland

Bistro: Hapa Hapa

In Abenteuer Dschungelland, Hapa Hapa spoils adventurers of all ages with a wide selection of snacks.

Amidst the jungle atmosphere, guests can choose between meat dishes, vegetarian dishes and sweets.

There is also a selection of special kids’ menus.

Bistro Hapa Hapa
Holiday with Kids

Celebrate a children's birthday party

Celebrate your child's next birthday party in the exciting ambience of Abenteuer Dschungelland!

Immerse yourself in a world of adventure and fun while the little explorers let off steam in the wilderness.

From exciting games to tasty snacks, Abenteuer Dschungelland offers everything to make the day unforgettable.

Celebrate a children's birthday party

Admission to the adventure world: Abenteuer Dschungelland

Please note the following rules:

  • You will receive orange-coloured admission wristbands for entry to the Abenteuer Dschungelland.
  • You must wear your admission wristband during the entire visit.
  • In the event of loss, the admission price must be paid again.
  • Random checks can be carried out.
  • Passing it on to a second/third person is not permitted.

We ask for your understanding, thank you and wish you a fun-filled stay in Abenteuer Dschungelland.

  1. Upon entering the premises, each visitor recognises the provisions of these House Rules.

  2. Tickets for the one-time visit lose their validity upon leaving the facility.

  3. Bringing and consuming food or beverages in the facility is prohibited. Eating and drinking is only permitted in the food court areas.

  4. The use of the facilities as well as the sporting and gaming equipment is performed at your own risk.

  5. Parents are responsible for their children.

  6. The containers received at the counter must be left in the food court area.

  7. No liability or replacement is assumed for any lost items.

  8. Please return all found items to the information desk.

  9. Upon the use by school classes, associations or other organisations, the teacher or group leader must assume the full responsibility for their group. He or she is responsible for ensuring that the group adheres to the House Rules.

  10. Guests who repeatedly or seriously violate the House Rules can be expelled from the facility.

  11. In case a guest is expelled from the facility, the price of admission is not reimbursed.

  12. The notice boards and the instructions provided by the supervisory personnel must be followed.

  13. Pets are not allowed.

Have fun at Abenteuer Dschungelland!

Last updated: October 2017

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