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The new attraction coming in 2018

Footgolf – Leisure fun for the whole family

Do you know what Footgolf is? Footgolf originated in northern Europe. The first pitches were constructed in Sweden in the 1980s. Today, Footgolf is a recognised sport in which both national and international championships have been held.

Play against your family or friends and discover unforgettable leisure time fun. Footgolf is played like golf on 18 lanes. A standard-sized football is used to kick the ball across different obstacles until it is kicked into an oversized hole (21-inch cup) in the ground. The goal is to do this in as few "kicks" as possible. Various lanes (fairways) featuring such obstacles as wood stumps, stone edges, wooden walls, wood posts and lots more await you!

Come visit and experience a wonderful combination of fun, concentration, coordination and movement.

It is almost time! We are happy to be able to present our brand new attraction "Footgolf" to you this year!

Play against your family or friends and discover unforgettable leisure time fun. Located on about 11 acres, you will find 18 different lanes with diverse obstacles such as tree stumps, stone edges, wood walls and wood pillars.

We look forward to seeing you! 

Opening hours

  • daily 11:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m
  • May to October daily 10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m

The rules of the game

  1. The obstacles in the respective lane must be played over, around, through or under according to the rules of the game.
  2. The ball is played with the foot from the ground.
  3. Every touch of the ball counts as a shot.
  4. Par for a particular course is the number of shots with which it should be possible to complete the course. A player has three times the par number as their maximum number of shots.
  5. Example: Lane 1: Par 3 = 9 maximum number of tries. If the player is unable to get the ball into the hole within 9 attempts, then four times the par for the respective course (in this case 12) is listed on the player's scorecard.
  6. If the ball lands in the rough, the player has to continue playing from that spot.
  7. If the ball lands on another lane or even outside the Footgolf course, the player receives one penalty point and begins play from the last kicking point.
  8. The respective lanes must only be played when the lane is clear of any other players or teams. The game is always played with the teams alternating turns.
  9. If a different ball impedes the desired shot direction, then the ball can be secured (the spot is marked and the other ball is briefly removed). If the ball is not secured and it is hit by another ball, then it is returned to its original position; however, the ball that has been shot remains in its new position.
  10. The winner of the game is the player that has the least number of total points after 18 holes.

Prices per ticket and round 2024

Single players Day guests Hotel guests School groups (hotel guests)
Guests, 15 years and older €9.50 €8.50 €6.00
Children, up to age 14 €7.50 €6.50 €6.00
Children, up to age 3 free of charge free of charge free of charge
Groups Day guests Hotel guests
Guests, 15 years and older    
from 15 persons €8.50 €7.50
from 30 persons €7.50 €6.50
Children, up to age 14    
from 15 persons €6.50 €5.50
from 30 persons €6.00 €5.00
*Family card = 2 adults with 3 own children aged 16 years or under. Each additional child will be charged with 10,00 €.
Family card Day guests Hotel guests
2 adults and 2 children €31.00 €27.00
every additional child €5.50 €5.50

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