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Abenteuer Dschungelland (Jungle Adventure Land)

Abenteuer Dschungelland (Jungle Adventure Land)

Strange landscapes, tropical climate and exotic animals – doesn't that sound like a holiday at Weissenhäuser Strand? If you said yes – then look forward to an exciting adventure at our Jungle Adventure Land!

Abenteuer Dschungelland (Jungle Adventure Land)

Strange landscapes, tropical climate and exotic animals – doesn't that sound like a holiday at Weissenhäuser Strand? If you said yes – then look forward to an exciting adventure at our Jungle Adventure Land!

 Beginning on Monday, 8 June 2020, the state regulations of Schleswig-Holstein will permit us to fully open Adventure Jungle Land (Abenteuer Dschungelland) under certain conditions.

We take hygiene standards SERIOUSLY. Therefore, due to the applicable hygiene regulations, at Weissenhäuser Strand we have taken the necessary measures to conform to this new situation and to provide you with a relaxing holiday while offering you the best possible safety.

Here is a summary of the most important information pertaining to your visit to Adventure Jungle Land:

Opening hours: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Guests: Holiday and Resort Park and ****Strandhotel guests as well as day guests

Duration of visit:  max. 3 hours daily

Number of guests: max. 250 persons simultaneously in ADL including the interior restaurant (Hapa Hapa) Please pay attention to the traffic light system (green, yellow, orange) located to the right of the entrance.


  • Hotel guests: € 10.00 per person when paying at the Adventure Jungle Land
  • Day guests: € 13.00 per person

Admission regulations:

  • The contact information of all guests who have the Recreational Ticket is collected electronically via the admission bracelets. Please log in at the cashier terminal after you have arrived at Adventure Jungle Land.
  • Upon entering the premises of Adventure Jungle Land, day guests must fill in a form as well as provide their complete personal contact information.

Payment: Contact-free, cashless payments are preferred

General hygiene policies:

In the entrance area of Adventure Jungle Land, we have provided information pertaining to the applicable house and hygiene rules. Upon entering Adventure Jungle Land, you are obligated to adhere to the posted hygiene measures. Weissenhäuser Strand employees will monitor our guests' adherence to these regulations and policies. Our employees are authorised to draw your attention to any failure to comply with the rules. In case of multiple violations, the employees are entitled to expel you from the hotel premises.

The following regulations must be taken seriously and must be followed at all times so that we can ensure that you enjoy a carefree adventure:

  • It is mandatory to wear a face mask in all areas of Adventure Jungle Land.
  • Please always maintain a safe social distance of 1.5 metres (approx. 5-6 feet)
  • Should you have to wait in the cashier area, the minimum social distance has been visibly indicated through appropriate markings on the floor. The entry and exit to the cashier area of Adventure Jungle Land has a common access route. All guests must wear face masks in this area. Furthermore, separate lanes are also signposted by floor markings.
  • Inside of Adventure Jungle Land, the various routes are also marked so that contact points to other guests are avoided wherever possible.
  • Some of the playing facilities in Adventure Jungle Land are limited to a maximum number of guests. Please understand that this may lead to increased waiting times.
  • Both the high-rope garden and the climbing wall must be reserved in advance: This can be done  on-site at the info counter.
  • There are public seating areas as well as seating in the “Hapa Hapa” restaurant.

Disinfection requirements:

  • Hand sanitation dispensers have been placed at the entrances to the individual playground areas so that hand sanitation must take place prior to entering and upon leaving the individual playgrounds.
  • Surfaces that are frequently touched (seating, tables, handrails, doorknobs, etc.) are disinfected every 30 minutes.
  • In the sanitary facilities, you will be advised to keep the required minimum distance. In addition, above the wash basins we have posted explanations regarding the effective hand sanitation procedure.
  • For playing facilities without any direct admission control, guests will be advised of the maximal permissible number of persons so that guests will be personally responsible for complying with the regulations. The employees will monitor the proper usage on an ongoing basis.

Download information here.

Thank you for your understanding.
Your Weissenhäuser Strand Team

Last update: 06 June 2020.
All information is subject to change.

Dear guests, please observe the rules for using the orange Dschungelland admission armband with an electronic admissionchip:

  • The armband must be worn visible during your entire visit in Dschungelland as documentation for valid admission
  • The staff is allowed to ask you to present your armband by random checks
  • If the armband is lost a new admission fee must be paid

We thank you for your understanding and wish you an amusing and enjoyable visit to Dschungelland

Across an area of more than 6,000 m², adventurers and pathfinders of all ages will experience unforgettable moments in the green jungle. Caymans, snakes, lizards, turtles and many other exotic jungle inhabitants are waiting for courageous explorers to discover them.

However, the secret stars of our adventure kingdom are most certainly the oriental small-clawed otters. The funny, exuberant little animals are always happy to greet new guests. Their tireless playing keeps the entire jungle on its toes.

But that's definitely not all!

Our newest attraction at Jungle Adventure Land offers lots of fun for the whole family: Europe's largest ball pool! Dive directly into the "sea" consisting of 300,000 colourful balls!

Explore the forbidden temple with its labyrinths, burial chamber and an interactive pirate cinema. Or visit the "El Dorado" and pan for gold, thereby likely succumbing to a glistening gold rush.

Aside from its exotic animal and adventure world, Jungle Adventure Land also offers another absolute must-see highlight: our unique rope garden! Both beginner and advanced climbers will be challenged by our amazing course. The rope garden has 16 different courses to test your strength and ability. Various degrees of difficulty enable children and adults to test themselves and each other – a climbing adventure for children of all ages!

Experience leisure time fun for the whole family in a unique jungle and adventure kingdom.

Picture gallery

Weissenhäuser Strand Abenteuer Dschungelland
Weissenhäuser Strand Abenteuer Dschungelland Grüner Leguan
Weissenhäuser Strand Abenteuer Dschungelland Schildkröte und Krokodil
Weissenhäuser Strand Abenteuer Dschungelland Perleidechse
Weissenhäuser Strand Abenteuer Dschungelland Stirnlappenbasilisk
Weissenhäuser Strand Abenteuer Dschungelland Bartagame
Weissenhäuser Strand Abenteuer Dschungelland Wandelndes Blatt
Weissenhäuser Strand Abenteuer Dschungelland Wasseragame
Abenteuer Dschungelland Hochseilgarten
Abenteuer Dschungelland Hochseilgarten
Abenteuer Dschungelland Kletterwand
Abenteuer Dschungelland Kletterwand

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