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Falconry Walter at WaWaCo

Falconry Walter at WaWaCo

Falconry Walter at WaWaCo


  Last updated: 12 October 2020

Dear Friends!

So that you may fully enjoy your Baltic Sea holiday and completely experience the wide variety of great recreational activities, you must strictly follow and adhere to certain rules and regulations that have been imposed due to the current developments and recent increased spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Upon checking-in, guests who are traveling from a Corona risk area must present a negative Corona test that has been administered within the past 48 hours prior to arrival. This test can also be presented in digital form. If you are unable to present a negative Corona test, then the German accommodation ban in accordance with the current valid Corona regulations applies.

All relevant information and decrees of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein regarding the current travel regulations can be found here:

It is important that you ask your local government agencies prior to your arrival if you are coming from a designated international high-risk area or a national high-incidence area.

Each day at 11:00 am, the State Government provides us with the most up-to-date information regarding the current Corona risk areas. You can reach us by phone on: +49-4361-5540.

Our Cancellation Policy can be found here:

Furthermore, all guests living in a Corona risk area — and who are planning to arrive within the next 7 days — may rebook their stay at no extra charge. Please send an email to and include your booking or reservation number.

Additional information during the COVID-19 pandemic can be found here: 

We thank you for your understanding and your continued loyalty during this dynamically changing and challenging time. We look forward to your next visit to the Holiday and Resort Park Weissenhäuser Strand.

Stay well!
Your Weissenhäuser Strand Team

They are elegant, tenacious, quick as lightning, and now can be observed at Weissenhäuser Strand. Do you know who we are talking about? Soon large aviaries holding about 20 birds will be constructed near the WaWaCo lift and Falconry Walter will become a one-of-a-kind attraction at the Holiday and Resort Park Weissenhäuser Strand. The falconry is managed by Timo Walter, who has been working as a falconer full time since 2003.

Experience breath-taking shows held several times each day or participate in our falconer workshops. Even team-building workshops, photo shoots, as well as special flight shows on birthdays or for corporate events are offered. A truly unique highlight during weddings is the ring ceremony performed by specially trained falcons and owls. In addition to the falconry, special offers for kindergartens and schools are also available.

Under the slogan “The green classroom” participants can build insect hotels, nesting aids for bats, or incubators for birds.

In 2010, the falconry was declared an intangible cultural heritage and focuses on the partnership between humans and birds. Timo Walter hopes to bring the topics of environmental and animal protection closer to guests and visitors at Weissenhäuser Strand. For this reason, the installation will also serve as a refuge for birds of prey. He wants to increase the awareness for the environment. Based on the unique flora and fauna, the area is practically suited for this. This is confirmed by the fact that the European sea eagle has been nesting along the wonderful Baltic Sea coast for many years.


Timo Walter
Tel.: 0157 / 304 996 62

Opening hours

Opening hours and schedule available upon request: +49 157 304 996 62.

Flight show prices

Adults € 9.00
Children (ages 3 - 6) € 4.00
Children (ages 6 - 14) € 6.00
Reduced Price* € 7.00
*Reduced price for students, seniors and physically handicapped. Please present ID. Guests of the ****Strandhotel will receive €1.00 off.

Group prices (for groups of 15 or more)

Adults € 7.00
Children (ages 3 - 6) €3.00
Children (ages 6 - 14) €5.00
Reduced price* € 6.00
*Reduced price for students, seniors and physically handicapped. Please present ID.

Family prices for flight show (2 adults, maximum of 3 natural children)

Day pass € 30.00
Each additional natural child € 6.00

Annual pass flight show

Adults € 45.00
Children (ages 6–14) € 30.00
Weissenhäuser Strand Falconry
Weissenhäuser Strand Naturlehrpfad
Weissenhäuser Strand Falconry
Weissenhäuser Strand Naturlehrpfad
Weissenhäuser Strand Falconry
Weissenhäuser Strand Naturlehrpfad
Weissenhäuser Strand Falconry
Weissenhäuser Strand Falconry
Weissenhäuser Strand Naturlehrpfad

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