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WaWaCo Wakeboard, Wasserski und Co. – Welcome to the water!

WaWaCo Wakeboard, Wasserski und Co. – Welcome to the water!

WaWaCo Wakeboard, Wasserski und Co. – Welcome to the water!


Site plan WaWaCo Wakeboarding, Waterskiing and Co.

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Little Kicker
Rental equipment
Bistros, Advance ticket sales, WC
Sunbathing area
Big Kicker
Sunbathing area
Play ship
Petting zoo
Volleyball courts
Little Bro
Hot Pot
Fun Box
Pro Rail
DK Up Tube
A-Frame Funbox with Wall
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House rules

  1. Upon entering the park, each visitor recognises the provisions of the rules governing the premises.

  2. Each visitor must behave in such a manner that integrity and morals are ensured as well as quiet, safety and order are retained. Every disruption or disturbance of other visitors must be refrained from.

  3. A notification of the opening times of the water ski run will be published on the website and a notice provided at the cable. Depending on the weather, the management or the authorised staff members reserve the right to shorten or extend the opening hours. Any claims stemming from this cannot be made as a result.

  4. The terms and conditions of business for the use of the water ski park are posted by the cash desk. These are binding and must be adhered to. Another notification or duty to inform through our employees is not required.

  5. Consuming food and beverages that have been brought onto the premises is prohibited in the restaurants or adjoining terraces.

  6. Glass or porcelain containers are not allowed.

  7. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times! Dogs must only stay on the main path and in the restaurant area. Any violation of this policy can lead to being expelled from the park.

  8. Please return all found items to the staff.

  9. All guests of WaWaCo use the entire park including the water ski lift and the other equipment (playground, volleyball court, etc.) at their own risk.

  10. All staff instructions must be followed.

  11. For personal injury caused by accidents, the park is only liable if gross negligence or wilful intent can be demonstrated.

  12. The park is not liable for the loss of clothing or other accessories or objects.

  13. All guests are liable for damages caused by their own negligence.

Last updated: October 2017