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Subtropische Badeparadies – the water adventure park

Subtropische Badeparadies – the water adventure park

Subtropische Badeparadies – the water adventure park

Subtropische Badeparadies – the water adventure park

Subtropische Badeparadies – the water adventure park


Beginning on Monday, 8 June 2020, the state regulations of Schleswig-Holstein will permit us to partially open the Subtropical Aqua Park (Subtropisches Badeparadies) under certain conditions. We are pleased to offer you our two swimming pools (upper pool and lower pool) for lane swimming. Unfortunately, all other playing areas must remain closed.

We take hygiene standards SERIOUSLY. Therefore, due to the applicable hygiene regulations, at Weissenhäuser Strand we have taken the necessary measures to conform to this new situation and to provide you with a relaxing holiday while offering you the best possible safety.

Here is a summary of the most important information pertaining to your visit in Subtropical Aqua Park:

Opening hours: 07:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Swimming times: 2 hours each (including changing times)

Time slots: 07:30 - 09:30 / 09:30 – 11:30 / 11:30 – 13:30 / 13:30 – 15:30 / 15:30 – 17:30 / 17:30 – 19:30 / 19:30 - 21:30

Registration Required; on-site or by phone on +49 (0)4361-55-2761


  • Holiday and Resort Park guests: € 5.00 per Adult and € 2.00 per Child
  • Day guests:  € 7.00 per Adult and € 3.00 per Child

Guests: Holiday and Resort Park and ****Strandhotel guests as well as day guests

Number of guests: Reduced number of guests per pool

  • 2 guests per swim lane or one family
  • 3 lanes (25 m each, upper pool)
  • 4 lanes (14.5 m, lower pool)

Admission guidelines:

  • Personal contact information is recorded at the cashier area of Subtropical Aqua Park.
  • The names and room number(s) of Holiday and Resort Park guests will be recorded. (The recording of all relevant guest data will be completed upon check-in.)
  • Prior to entering Subtropical Aqua Park, all day guests will be required to fill in a form which contains their personal contact information.
  • Upon departing Subtropical Aqua Park, the departure time and the name of the guest will be recorded.

Payment: Contact-free, cashless payments are preferred

General hygiene policies:

In the entrance area of the Subtropical Aqua Park, we have provided information pertaining to the applicable house and hygiene rules. Upon entering the Subtropical Aqua Park, you are obligated to adhere to the posted hygiene measures. Employees of Weissenhäuser Strand will monitor our guests' adherence to these hygiene policies. Our employees are authorised to draw your attention to any failure to comply with the rules. In case of multiple violations, the employees are entitled to expel you from the hotel premises.

The following regulations must be taken seriously and must be followed at all times so that we can ensure that you enjoy a carefree swimming experience:

  • Please always maintain a safe social distance of 1.5 metres (approx. 5-6 feet)
  • In the Subtropical Aqua Park, wearing a face mask is mandatory on the routes leading to the changing rooms.
  • You may remove your face mask once you have entered the changing area.
  • Changing lockers will be assigned to you.
  • Once you leave the pool area, the face mask requirement applies upon leaving the changing rooms.
  • In the entrance of the Subtropical Aqua Park as well as in the access area to the changing rooms, a short film about our hygiene measures will also inform you about which hygiene and social distancing measures should be maintained.
  • You are required to adhere to the internal system of circular routes or one-way traffic.

Disinfection requirements:

  • Hand sanitiser dispensers are available throughout the Subtropical Aqua Park.
  • Surfaces that are frequently touched (loungers, handrails, doorknobs, etc.) are disinfected every 30 minutes.
  • Please maintain the required social distance when using the provided seating or loungers.
  • Reduced numbers of showers and sanitary facilities.

Thank you for your understanding.
Your Weissenhäuser Strand Team

Download information here.

Last update: 06 June 2020.
All information is subject to change.

The Subtropische Badeparadies (Subtropical Aqua Park) is now bigger and better! A special new highlight is the wave pool, which holds 4.7 million litres of water. Pack up your swimming gear now and head off into the waves! Whether you are young or old, everyone will have a great time. While soaking in the wonderful ambience, you can experience a lot and relax at the same time.

Our highlights

  • Wave pool
  • Rain forest shower
  • Sauna with dress code
  • Water spray area
  • 214-metre long tyre slide
  • 156-metre long effects slide
  • 70-metre long turbo slide
  • “Water World” water play area
  • 3-zone wave slide
  • Steep slide
  • Whirlpool cave
  • Pools for small children featuring water games
  • 900-square-metre lounging area
  • Restaurants
  • And lots more

Wave Pool

A special highlight is the Wave Pool with 4.7 million litres of water. Whether big or small waves – everything is possible. Due to the sophisticated technology, the Wave Pool is always in operation. With the exception of the summertime (every hour, the waves take a 15-minute break), you can romp in the waves at any time.


Our wide variety fast and thrilling slides offer exhilaration for all ages! 214 m Tube slide +++ 156 m Effect slide +++ 70 m Turbo slide +++ 3-lane wave slide

Aqua Racer

"Aqua Racer" – the promising name of the latest generation of slides. The starting point for this spectacular slide is a two-lane starting box. The slide is suitable for both young and old. Whether sliding in a single or double tube; whether starting one after the other or side by side, the "Aqua Racer" is the Formula One of the sliding circuit.

The race starts in a 2.50-metre wide, oval tube at a height of about 15 metres. But be careful! The diameter of the slide decreases to a circular 1.50 metres. When the time comes, who is in the lead? Because from here on out the race is no longer side by side, but one after the other! The slide run continues downhill through turns and straight-aways, through wide and tight sections, sometimes easy, sometimes at breakneck speed, until the run ends after 214 metres.

Wave slide

"On your mark, get set, go!" Our three-lane wave slide is perfectly suited to race against the clock (or the person sliding on the next track) as you slide down its 35-metre long track. Its a ton of fun – and just like all of the other attractions, it's perfectly suited for the whole family.

Water World

"Water World" – also the promising name of our second Germany premier; an expansive area of water fountains that invite visitors to enjoy the many water-themed attractions laid out across an area of over 400 m².

Via pathways and alleyways, you'll have lots to discover as you ascend three storeys. Geysers, water cannons and conveyors are only some of the many highlights. Three adventure slides were integrated into Water World and above all of them (at a height of over 10 metres) rises a bucket holding 1,600-litres of water. Every few minutes the bucket is emptied onto the visitors below. There won't be a dry eye left in the house and the joy in the children's eyes will say it all.

60° Sauna with dress code


Unser Subtropisches Badeparadies

Weissenhäuser Strand Subtropisches Badeparadies Pool

Unser Subtropisches Badeparadies

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