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Subtropische Badeparadies – the water adventure park

Subtropische Badeparadies – the water adventure park

Subtropische Badeparadies – the water adventure park

Subtropische Badeparadies – the water adventure park

Subtropische Badeparadies – the water adventure park

House and bathing rules

  1. Upon entering the premises, each visitor recognises the provisions of these House and Bathing Rules.

  2. Tickets for the one-time visit lose their validity upon leaving the facility.

  3. Lost locker keys or chip coins must be replaced.

  4. We are not liable for items lost or stolen from public areas or from wardrobe closets.

  5. Bringing or consuming food or beverages in the facility is prohibited. Eating and drinking is only permitted in the food court area.

  6. Glass or containers similar to glass cannot be brought into the bathing/swimming area (Badelandschaft). The containers received at the counter must be left in the food court area.

  7. There is no smoking throughout the entire bathing/swimming area (Badelandschaft); this includes E-cigarettes.

  8. Children ages 10 and under may only enter the bathing/swimming area (Badelandschaft) accompanied by and under the supervision of a parent or adult guardian. There is no special monitoring of the children.

  9. Persons with infectious skin rashes, open wounds or transferable diseases as well as unclean or persons under the influence of alcohol will not be admitted or can be removed from the facility without receiving a refund.

  10. In Badeparadies proper swimming attire must be worn at all times. T-shirts or bathing suits going past the knees are not allowed. Burqinis must consist of stretch-free swimsuit materials.

  11. Jumping in or pushing someone else into the water from the side of the pool endangers others and is therefore not allowed.

  12. Hard throwing objects (tennis balls, leather balls, Frisbees, etc.) and flippers can be dangerous and are therefore not allowed.

  13. Climbing on the rock walls as well as running in the hall are not permitted.

  14. The sauna area serves as a relaxation area. Quiet and appropriate behaviour are mandatory.

  15. Sauna areas are nudist areas. In the interest of all sauna users, we will make absolutely no exceptions. Persons under 18 years of age cannot enter the sauna area without an adult.

  16. Loungers cannot be made available to all guests. Here – as is the case throughout the facility – we kindly ask you not to reserve the loungers for extended periods of time.

  17. The use of the facilities as well as the sporting and gaming equipment is performed at your own risk.

  18. Please return all found items to the supervisory staff.

  19. Upon the use of school classes, associations or other organisations, the teacher or group leader must assume the full responsibility for their group He or she is responsible for ensuring that the group adheres to the House and Bathing Rules.

  20. Guests who repeatedly or seriously violate the House and Bathing Rules can be expelled from the facility.

  21. In case a guest is expelled from the facility, the price of admission is not reimbursed.

  22. The notice boards and the instructions provided by the supervisory personnel must be followed.

  23. In high-traffic periods or during holiday periods, Weissenhäuser Strand GmbH & Co. KG reserves the right to limit the duration of the daily visit to the Badeparadies (for hotel guests) to 3 hours.

We hope you enjoy using our facilities
Last updated: October 2017