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Abenteuer Dschungelland (Jungle Adventure Land)

Abenteuer Dschungelland (Jungle Adventure Land)

Abenteuer Dschungelland (Jungle Adventure Land)


Location Abenteuer Dschungelland

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Stairs to lower level
Start high-rope climbing course
Air hockey
Maze Mission
Hapa Hapa self-service restaurant

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Open-air enclosure
Cash desk / entrance
Labyrinth in the dark
Burial chamber
Mirror maze
Turning barrel
Music room
Chipmunk house
Pirate cinema
Ball Pool
Jungle cabin
High-rope climbing course
Trampoline 1+2
Trampoline 3+4
Access to first floor
Hapa Hapa self-service restaurant

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Panning for gold
Information / supervision
Small children’s area
Climbing wall
Children’s climbing wall
Rolling slide
Balu City Jungle City
Flying ball games
Self-service bar
Ice cream shop
2014 World Cup Final
Outback bar
Jungle restaurant

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WC / handicap-accessible WV
Outside terrace

Cayman + monitor lizard
Frog tower
Insect tower
Souvenir shop
Table tennis
Attractions 1st floor Attractions G  X 

Attractions 1st floor

Attractions G

House rules

  1. Upon entering the premises, each visitor recognises the provisions of these House Rules.

  2. Tickets for the one-time visit lose their validity upon leaving the facility.

  3. Bringing and consuming food or beverages in the facility is prohibited. Eating and drinking is only permitted in the food court areas.

  4. The use of the facilities as well as the sporting and gaming equipment is performed at your own risk.

  5. Parents are responsible for their children.

  6. The containers received at the counter must be left in the food court area.

  7. No liability or replacement is assumed for any lost items.

  8. Please return all found items to the information desk.

  9. Upon the use by school classes, associations or other organisations, the teacher or group leader must assume the full responsibility for their group. He or she is responsible for ensuring that the group adheres to the House Rules.

  10. Guests who repeatedly or seriously violate the House Rules can be expelled from the facility.

  11. In case a guest is expelled from the facility, the price of admission is not reimbursed.

  12. The notice boards and the instructions provided by the supervisory personnel must be followed.

  13. Pets are not allowed.

Have fun at Abenteuer Dschungelland!

Last updated: October 2017